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Space Keygen Template 2

Guest dave1

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@Teddy: why shouldent it be big.



Filter - Add Noise - Noise - Gaussian Monochromatic

Then Adjustments - Brightness / Contrast

Remove brightness, add contrast

Filter - Blur - Radial Blur


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  • 2 months later...

@Teddy: why shouldent it be big.

Really when I saw the skin I had to laugh, its way too big.

1] If you make a skin you should make it small as posible.

2] People who'll download the patch/keygen they wont like it.

3] The patch/keygen skin must have a small size (like 53,3kB).

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@Teddy: why shouldent it be big.

The most keygens are small enough that you can do other things on your pc.

When you really want to cover the screen it better to write a demo in full screen mode.

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