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Hi Guys Can I Join Team?

Guest NaPa

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Hi everybody! i meet SnD on some cracks i have used, but i make my own releases i have some 0 day cracks that i use for my own, also i have some tutorials on spanish i offer this on my website mexico, some time ago i have been invited to join EiTHEL, but some day just all people i meet vanished, and to get again on private irc and forum, i need some special keys i didn't keept, so i'm looking how to waste my time xD making my own appz, i were working know on a Crackers Kit but is still heavy, like one DVD, to get uploaded, (of course with all versions of every appz), and working in a Universal Cracker Engine you youst to download some script and the engine will maintain this on database, for any time you need, and engine make crack every time you need to do it, i?m from M?xico City, and work as a Security Consultant here, i don?t know i?m talking aloud when i?m asking you to join this team, if i have to pass test it?s ok, just send me that.

I hope this question were in the rigth site. THX for all.




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I leave you one 0day crack, of Telate 2006 2.379, you are the ones who have the crack of version 2005, but i have cracked v2006, this is not on the wild, so enjoy if you use it, it's more easy to have cracked exe, that patch, cause patch will be bigger than the cracked exe, is all modified. .

Telate 2006 is a software for winnning lottery, it uses maths functions and IA to generate hot numbers for playing.

website www.neuronlabs.com

Crack: http://www.securitynation.com/telate.cracked.rar

I leave you this as test.



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No se si has leeido las reglas, pero no puedes poner cracks en este foro... :angry:


I don't know if you've read the rules, but you can't post cracks in this forum... :angry:

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OK, i'm sorry, i can't find hpw to modify the post, if one moderator could do it, better, i apologize. but i read one guy who tell me that i post that, sorry.

Anyone knows how can i modify my own posts?

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NaPa, you're welcome here and we certainly appreciate your preference for Seek 'n Destroy TeaM's releases but, to say the least, I think you're not qualified to be part of SnD team...

I will not extend this post giving you reasons because I'm sure that you know what I'm talking about.

So, PLEASE, don't waste more of your and our time with this issue and save yourself a lot of hassles, Ok?



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