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Live Linking With Imageshack. Is It Safe And Secure?

Guest Suntzu

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Hi guys, I noticed that in our forum, Teddy allow Imageshack live linking. Is it safe to use for forums like warez? cant "they" trace us? why imageshack is safe? Please shed me the light.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I overlooked this post. The only reason why we allow links to ImageShack is simply because its only linking of pictures. I don't think there is much cause for ImageShack to check their referrer logs and even if they did I don't see them raising any eyebrows over referrer hits from a reverse engineering site...


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places like photobucket have done the same with image banning on certain places...

luckily i came across a place that doesnt ban anything...even the hard-corest of avatars (xxx)stuff is ok with them(which alot of the g-rated image host frown upon-prudes)...hehehe


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Imageshack will only ban domains if they consistly link to adult images and/or use high bandwidth to imageshack.

Linking to imageshack here is nothing to worry about.

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So, for the ignorant, can someone explain to my how hotlinking to other sites is a bad thing? From a place like here?


If your a developer of a piece of software and you discover referrer hits to a reverse engineering site you may get a little upset. If they checked out further and found a topic on how to go about finding x, y or z about it - or a complete reversing tutorial - I'm sure they would be very unhappy, even if its simply being discussed for fun and interest with no harm intended...


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