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Snd Wallpaper

Guest dave1

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This is a jpeg image quality 5.

url = http://img119.imageshack.us/my.php?image=w...280x1024cr8.jpg = wallpaper preview link

1280x1028 (BMP)


800x600 (BMP)

Sorry people but i cannot find the upload to forum? button so i just use megaupload. i cant upload the others yet because i my brother (who is playing CS:Source) is getting lag. Will upload them later.

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The background is cool... looks like a stary sky !

But the SND text is.... misplaced... that's for sure !

it does not make any harmony with the background .

Edit: Some improvements and it's gonna be greater ! Good Work ! :thumbsup:

Edited by G0TCHA
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Good work with the background.This time u did spend a quality time working on background.But you messed up with the text part.As GOTCHA has put it,it does not suit the backgroud at all.Any chance of sharing the .psd for the background part?


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