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Found 215 results

  1. barotyson

    Custom ConfuserEX

    Difficulty : 2/10 ? Language : C# Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : Custom ConfuserEX Description : Unpack the file and all recommendations are helpful ! Screenshot: UnpackMe.exe
  2. [L]over

    Paid ConfuserEx Modded

    Difficulty : 4 Language : .NET Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx Modded Description : Hi , one guy is selling his protector (confuserex modded) and it is really expensive. I want to know if someone can unpack that because I don't trust him and his paid protector =/ Thanks in advanced Good Luck! Screenshot : UNpackme.exe
  3. lucifeey

    CrackMe 2 // ConfuserEx 1.0.0-custom

    Difficulty : 4/10 Language : .NET Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx 1.0.0-custom Description : Find out the password and give a tutorial how u got that. Screenshot : CrackMe02.exe
  4. XenocodeRCE


    @Rextor No Idea why you negged my answer ? @OP : private void rWxHGbNyRwJQwkKTxvITtNVTObBy(object A_1, EventArgs A_2) { if (this.fxPPCqxJaEkasrESqMqXrjHHfJCDA.Text == Convert.FromBase64String(Convert.FromBase64String(Convert.FromBase64String(Regex.Unescape("\\u0056\\u0047\\u0031\\u0077\\u0055\\u006d\\u0056\\u0047\\u0062\\u0046\\u0056\\u0054\\u0057\\u0047\\u0078\\u0050\\u0054\\u0057\\u0078\\u0077\\u0063\\u006c\\u0052\\u0074\\u0063\\u0046\\u005a\\u004e\\u0052\\u006d\\u0078\\u0078\\u0059\\u006b\\u0064\\u0077\\u0054\\u0031\\u005a\\u0046\\u0057\\u006e\\u0052\\u0055\\u0061\\u0032\\u0052\\u0047\\u0054\\u0055\\u0055\\u0035\\u0056\\u0057\\u004a\\u0048\\u004d\\u0057\\u0046\\u0069\\u0056\\u0056\\u0056\\u0035\\u0056\\u0032\\u0030\\u0078\\u0054\\u0032\\u004a\\u0057\\u0061\\u0033\\u006c\\u0056\\u0056\\u0044\\u0041\\u0039"))))) { MessageBox.Show("Thats really correct! Please tell me how u did it :("); } else { MessageBox.Show("Invalid key, try again!"); } } Use ConfuserEx public deobfuscator tools
  5. XenocodeRCE


    10/10 difficulty but that's a free modded ConfuserEx ? I don't understand anything in the scene nowadays .... also there claim to have bytecode encryption, bytecode for .NET ? Doesn't make sense ?
  6. NightBaron

    UnpackMe ConfuserEx Modified

    Difficulty : 3-4Language : .NETPlatform : WindowsOS Version : All Windows (.NET Framework 4.6 or higher)Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx Modified Description : Fully unpack the file , and keep the application working and make a Short Tut for it. Screenshot : Download ConsoleApplication1.rar
  7. XenocodeRCE

    [Deobme] ConfuserEX 0.5 custom

    Just a custom version of ConfuserEX 0.5 Nothing that special, very humble modifications I post it here in order to know what shall I improve https://www.sendspace.com/file/p1fsts
  8. Reza-HNA

    ConfuserEx Mod

    same as ConfuserEx, all tools should work pass: CrackMe0-cleaned.exe
  9. Hello, i've a question. Ive a DLL (yes, i know the source) which is confused using ConfuserEx 0.5 with .NET Framework 4.52. Now i've tried to to open the DLL using several disassembler but no result. I found several tutorials how to unconfuse the DLL in this forum but all of them are not successfully in this case. Ive tried ConfuserExFixer, MethodsDecrypter, ... and so on. could anyone tell me HOW it's possible and a decrypted result? Attached is the DLL. Its nothing special. Thanks. CGBfunctions.zip
  10. Cursedzx

    Modded ConfuserEx v1.0.0 by Cµrsëd$hëëp

    May i have the AntiTamper fixer? i still can't unpack it. with your method. also how did you do it? confuserex has antidump. nvm i fixed it.
  11. BackBox

    Modded ConfuserEx v1.0.0 by Cµrsëd$hëëp

    UNPACKED.exe Megadumper Antitamper fixer for x0rz Confuserex tools for codecracker
  12. Desolath

    Custom ConfuserEx

    Difficulty : 4-5 Language : .NET Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : My Custom ConfuserEx Description : Fully unpack the program and get the code I have hidden inside (Enter it in textbox and check it) Please provided details/a tutorial on how you managed to unpack it. Screenshot : Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/1jin7v Download is also linked below. Unpackme.exe
  13. jemmg

    Confuserex Mod Trinity Obfuscator

    LMFAO, not you confuserex modded, you just change to ur Nickname / name....
  14. Eddy^CZ

    CrackMe ^v11

    Difficulty : 8/10 Language : C++ & C# (VS2008, .NET framework 2.0) OS Version : Maybe not working on Windows 7 Protection : Custom ConfuserEx, Crypto, VMprotect Description : Hi I am back, please try this challenge... Get key (33 chars) and user name, use all possible methods. Happy Reversing! Download : https://mega.nz/#!QqwwDICb!rI00waeJ7VFTDLhlnItuOhiZxd7eBoCXqN6KLDQJE_c (15Mb) Screenshot : CrackMe^v11_C.zip
  15. EinMann

    .NET Crackme

    Difficulty : 3/10 Language : C# Platform : Windows OS Version : Windows 7,8,10 Packer / Protector : Confuserex 0.3 and some custom stuff Description : lit crackme Screenshot : Download : CrackMe.exe
  16. r0mel

    Unpackers tools - source code C#

    plz upload Confuserex tools
  17. gholam.illidan

    ConfuserEx Modified by Myself / EnigmaProtector

    Difficulty : 8/10 Language : C# Platform : Windows OS Version : All (Requires .net 4.0) Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx Modified by Myself / EnigmaProtector 3.10 Description : Unpack the file, get the string code, clean resources and keep the application working. and make a Short Tut for it. Screenshot : UnpackMe_protected.exe
  18. SaggingCoder

    Newbe UnPackMe1

    Difficulty : 7 (I think) Language : .NET Platform : Windows OS Version : Windows 7 and up Packer / Protector : eazFuscator 2018.2 Description : Hello, here I am again 👋. After last and first attempt in the KeygenMe-Section, I tried to put more attention on packing my code harder. I've tried to understand and mod the open source obfuscator ConfuserEx but never got the result I was anticipating. (All the unpackers unpacked them with ease no matter what I added/changed 🙄). So I shifted my attention towards the commercial obfuscators and oh boy the pricing on these.... I've tried NetGuard, Babel, NetReactor,.. and so on. On some of these there were still virus triggers, and honestly I am quite displeased to know that these still can be easily unpacked with just De4Dot, unless I tried their paid methods for which I dont have the fundings. But two have stood out to me, which was Babel and eazFuscator. Babel looked very promising but aside from the string encryption I couldnt have tried out the other protectors because those are only for the licensed version. Stupidly the string encryption alone wasn't enough since I was still able to let the program self decrypt the strings and fish them from dnSpy.... That's where I turned attention to eazFuscator. I downloaded a trial, set up the options and wow. I dont even know where to begin 😅. Those unpackers I found flying online also didn't help a lot... At least I wasnt able to unpack my own code. And that's where you come into play! Will you manage to unpack my little executable that was obfuscated with the latest eazFuscator, find the correct password and prove me that obfuscation is nothing but a serious big waste of time and resources? 😉 Good luck! Screenshot : UnPackMe1.exe
  19. er132

    Self Protection {Unpack me 1}

    Difficulty : you Tell me Language : c# Platform : Windows OS Version : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Packer / Protector : Eazfuscator.NET , Modify Version ConfuserEx , dynamic protecation Description : protecation good! (Detcted Virus But Isnt Virus (For protecation))) Screenshot : Unpack_ME.exe
  20. disterso

    .NET Crackme

    I also cracked this with the key: 4$TWZTGt^62nR#m9NmKETr&@UKBBxgdDUeu8yQy_c2r2cPejWMh*8yYS8S#SneV-. Im new to cracking and this is my second day. Step 1: MegaDump it. Step 2: De4Dot it. Step 3: Unpack ConfuserEx. Step 4: Open cheat engine. Step 5: String "password". https://gyazo.com/2a1f6b1625df1faa3d7819a586474409 Step 6: Browse mem region. (You should see stuff but I clicked my win button) https://gyazo.com/79525770260d6f60f43dacd0731498c9 Step 6: ezpz.
  21. SaggingCoder

    Newbe KeygenMe1-App

    Difficulty : 5 Language : .NET Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx - Custom Description : This is my first time as a newbe; I hope I didnt do too badly 😅. Try to find at least one valid alphanumeric Key. The key has the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, it can have letters and numers. Good luck! Screenshot : KeygenMe1.zip
  22. Lexity

    Request - Obfuscator

    Can somebody give me a obfuscator to use for my program? No confuserex please. I literally searchin lmfao. plz reply with obfuscator dl
  23. cawk

    ConfuserEx/DNP .Net

    Difficulty : 2/3 Language : C# Platform : Windows OS Version : All Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx/DNP Description : Unpack the file and keep the application working. The serial is easy to get - if you get it - well done though it is not the main objective of this unpackme. Screenshot : https://gyazo.com/6f8ece6347515a4c68846b6f55902821 CrackMe.rar
  24. BackBox

    ConfuserEx Mod

    Megadumper Antitamper fixer for x0rz Confuserex tools for codecracker
  25. Hi, I have a question, when i resolve the refproxy (strong) of confuserex, and I want to replace the delegate call with the real MemberRef how do i know if I need to use call/callvirt/newobj? Is that somehow encoded in the signature or so? Or how can i find out what OpCode to use? ~yq8
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