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  1. 1,280 downloads

    Password: tuts4you .NET .NET Reactor CliSecure 3.2.rar CliSecure 4.5.rar CodeVeil 1.2.rar DNGuard (Standard) 2.6.rar DNGuard HVM dotNET Reactor dotNET Reactor dotNETZ 0.2.7.rar Maxtocode 3.2.rar MPress 0.71.rar MPress 0.75.rar MPress 0.77.rar MPress 2.12.rar NsPack 3.6.rar Phoenix Protector Sixxpack 2.2.rar Skater .NET Obfuscator Light 2.6.rar Smart Assembly 1.3.rar Smart Assembly 2.0.rar Themida .NET FoxPro KONxiSE 1.0.rar vfp&exeNc 6.20.rar PE32 x32 !EP (EXE Pack) 1.0.rar !EP (EXE Pack) 1.2.rar
  2. 7 downloads

    The PE file format described at its most basic is a wrapper with information for the windows loader, which envelops an executable image. This information allows the windows loader to place the executable image and its associated resources into memory so that execution can begin and resources can be correctly accessed. Using a description of the PE file layout it is possible to produce a valid PE file, which is accepted by the windows loader even wothout an executable image present. The best description of the PE layout available is the ARTeam PE Tutorial authored by Goppit. Using the informati
  3. hey everyone, hope I post in the right forum section and admins don't mind.. I joined the forum to find someone (and hopefully to learn/share) who had a video tutorial on youtube which has been removed called "How to install IDA PRO 7 2 on windows with full version with custom dark skin 2020".. I installed Ida Pro 7.2 last year following that tutorial and changed my ssd recently so i'll need to install it again but the video from youtube is removed.. I came across this forum because the link of the forum was in the "readme" file that came with the files.. hope someone can help/guide me in the
  4. demon_da

    Learn to devirtualize x86 code

    Here's a good tutorial about static devirtualization of a simple VM: https://www.msreverseengineering.com/blog/2018/1/23/a-walk-through-tutorial-with-code-on-statically-unpacking-the-finspy-vm-part-one-x86-deobfuscation http://www.msreverseengineering.com/blog/2018/1/31/finspy-vm-part-2-vm-analysis-and-bytecode-disassembly http://www.msreverseengineering.com/blog/2018/2/21/finspy-vm-unpacking-tutorial-part-3-devirtualization
  5. 18 downloads

    This is the complete rewrite of the old PE tutorial no1 which I considered the worst tutorial I have ever written. So I decided to replace it with this new one. PE stands for Portable Executable. It's the native file format of Win32. Its specification is derived somewhat from the Unix Coff (common object file format). The meaning of "portable executable" is that the file format is universal across win32 platform: the PE loader of every win32 platform recognizes and uses this file format even when Windows is running on CPU platforms other than Intel. It doesn't mean your PE executables wou
  6. whoknows

    VMProtect v3.5.0.1213

    View File VMProtect v3.5.0.1213 Try to unpack or alternatively provide a serial. If there is no solution provided by Saturday 11am (GMT+0) I will attach the same without debugger detection. Protections used: Debugger detection (User-mode + Kernel-mode) Ultra (Mutation + Virtualization) Submitter whoknows Submitted 08/07/2020 Category UnPackMe (.NET)
  7. Hello everybody, this is my first post in this forum... I have been trying to learn devirtualization for protectors like VMProtect or Themida. But I coudn't find much information. I was hoping someone here can point me to the right direction, recommend me any book or literature. Thanks in advance.
  8. Xjun

    VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.8

    Difficulty : 6 Language : C++ Platform : Windows OS Version : Windows 7 Packer / Protector :VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.8 Description : Memory Protection -Yes Import protection -Yes Resource Protection -Yes Pack the output File -Yes Debugger - user-mode+Kernel-mode Virtualization Tools -Yes using VMProtect SDK. Screenshot : UnpackMe.7z
  9. 5 downloads

    Lately DMichael asked me how to resolve relocations. On the internet I found a tool called ReloX from the same author as ImpREC and I decided to make a brief paper with screenshots on how to do it Tutorial archive contains: 2-paged PDF file with some screens A packed DLL for testing Small tool that loads a DLL with two different image bases
  10. 5 downloads

    Ok, here comes the tut about injecting code. We will insert a MessageBox at program start like a little "nagbox". We will use my little example program in the zip file so I can better explain what we do. Note: it's important that our target program import the MessageBoxA function! That makes sense cause without it we can't use it. In this case we have to import it by hand which I will discuss in another tutorial. So check with Wdasm, PEditor, my Import Table Viewer or any other tool that MessageBoxA function is imported.
  11. Teddy Rogers

    Tiny PE

    1 download

    Creating the smallest possible PE executable. This work was inspired by the Tiny PE challenge by Gil Dabah. The object of the challenge was to write the smallest PE file that downloads a file from the Internet and executes it. In the process of writing increasingly smaller PE files for the challenge I learned a lot of interesting details about the PE file format and the Windows loader. The goal of this document is to preserve this knowledge for future reference. In this, I have followed the example of the famous Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux.
  12. payam5959

    Unknown Packer

    I am trying to unpack 2 dll files which i'm not sure what they do. they seem to memory patch on some files. with Die it is detected as VMProtect, but when i browse them with CFFExplorer, and looking at different sections, I'm only seeing TORO0 and TORO1 with no vmp sections. I am not sure if it is VMP and so I have no clue how to unpack. can someone provide me some information on which kind of packer i am confronting with? also I can provide sample dll if someone can help. regards payam
  13. lol, search Google how to protect my software using vmprotect, take advantage and also search how to avoid API failures that will justify my lack of ability to hide flaws that allow other people to crack my software and use it later, because only Vmprotect is not the even more when the software is not yours, and I'm sure you are not the original creator of the software, so if you want support buy the software and stop asking for help, now if it is something related to cracking I'm sure everyone helped you. stop noobing. Regards,
  14. thanks for replying, link is inaccessible because video was removed. I am looking for whole tutorial on how to install the software itself not just the skin and that was the best I found at the time, now there's no tutorials to be found anywhere and I can't remember what I did exactly back then.
  15. kao

    Unknown Packer

    VMProtect sections are commonly renamed. It's a basic option in VMProtect: http://vmpsoft.com/support/user-manual/working-with-vmprotect/main-window/project-section/options-section/
  16. Hi everyone, I've read many topics here but didn't find the information I was looking for. If the question is dumb then it's because I have no knowledge in protecting/virtualizing/obfuscating/cracking software. To keep it simple. I have a .NET application that I want to protect. Does converting it to native (rewriting it in C/C++) and then protecting/virtualizing it with software such as Themida or VMProtect improves the protection? What I want to know, is native protected software more secure than .NET protected software? If yes, what's the strongest protection softwa
  17. Hi, I am working on an app to archive some important files in a compressed-encrypted format, What is the best for me to use (Virtualization) VMProtector or Themida ? Thanks in advance
  18. whoknows

    VMProtect v3.4.0.1155

    View File VMProtect v3.4.0.1155 Try to unpack or alternatively provide a serial. If there is no solution provided by Saturday 11am (GMT+0) I will attach the same without debugger detection. Protections used: Debugger detection (User-mode + Kernel-mode) Ultra (Mutation + Virtualization) Disabled protections: Virtual Machine Packer Submitter whoknows Submitted 05/20/2020 Category UnP
  19. lol, ask vmprotect support if you have a problem using their product.
  20. Hello, I had Windows 7 x64 that worked well with SharpOD x64 and x32dbg, but now I have Windows 7 32-Bit. What is the equivalent of my previous configuration for a 32-bit Windows 7? TIA.
  21. Well, i find .NET a lot easier and I have a lot more experience in it than C++. I know that the this reason is not what people would change the language for but it's also important as it makes it harder to crack with the use of virtualization. I know that everything is crackable and it's a matter of time. My application will not deal with any type of licensing, it's free. But my goal is to protect the application so it becomes harder to read or follow what the code is doing, reading strings, know how certain algorithms works (mutation?) ..etc. Does protectors like Agile.NET,
  22. Are you willing to change language just for this reason? at the basis of the use of a specific language there should be very specific reasons, you should not evaluate the passage only for this aspect which, although important, is not everything. The advantage of native code is that it is not directly decompilable like .NET code, but i honestly don't think using themida or vmprotect protects you from any possible attack. The same reasoning applies as you can do with a .net protector.
  23. Howdi, Anyone wiilling to give a hand ? Mega.nz
  24. Mr-Toms

    Dark Protector Mod

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (this.textBox1.Text == "int73") { MessageBox.Show("congrat you wins"); } } 1. you need to remove Anti Tamper manually ( you can search on youtube , theres much tutorial ) 2. Remove Native Methods using x86Fixer (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/718479256979767317/797817808905175040/x86_Retranslater.rar) and change to ILOnly 3. Remove Anti Decompiler (Search on Prab's Github) 4. Remove Call to Calli (Search CalliFixers on github) 5. Then
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