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    @unavailable: Don't give up! The success is by perseverance!! Cracking is a long process. I lost my interest on cracking programs, but I will still make some RE tools and try to help people the way I can.
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    To Someone likes to solve crossword, somebody likes to play chess. I like RE because I need to strain my brain like when I solve a crossword, think and analyze like when I play chess. After every cracking, I get a moral satisfaction, I'm happy with my success, success in cracking my friends. I'm glad when I receive a message from the developers, where they are grateful for cracking of their program and promise to eliminate the hole in the protection of the program in the next release. I thank everyone who writes articles about RE, makes tutorials, new tools, shares my knowledge with others.
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    CriticalError ==> this is the password
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    time factor maybe...I got an interest on reversing sometime 6 yrs ago but work schedule is pushing me away. I still remember the old days where a good site (astatalk) emerge and helping each other. Yes, reversing is a long process, if you put space on the process then you'll be lost just like me, been idle in re for so many years..
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    No problem, just wait example, look at online carding, a year ago difficulty of carding is 10%. but nowaday 99% super very difficult even for expert. after 2 factor authentication by sms/phone/OTP, etc, online carding is 99% impossible. hacking website, year ago almost everyday i can hear news about some web hasbeen hacked. but now??? Now in desktop program. slow but sure. programmer migrate to dot net, which it the 3 compiler most easy to decompile. but... but with some protection and or packer and or obfuscator, .net program imspossible to crack. YES, NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE to CRACK, but now almost all expert cracker in the world has disappear. I dont know why? Die? work at software corp? give up? economic problem? and other factor is generation! I am not doubt for Codex, lcf, and other senior in cracker world. but new generation, like me, ah looser.
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    I was thinking of giving up on cracking programs or at least less cracking. Building tutorials (RE - reversing engineering) and tools seems more attractive to me. Knowledge is power!
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