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    @Teddy Rogers: from what I was able to gather, this version was still being maintained and improved. Only original repo was taken down, forks are all up. For example, this one is fully up to date: https://github.com/Deteriorator/winrar-keygen.git
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    Actually Winrar was a kind of an earl adopter of ECDSA licensing, but they made a mistake in the implementation, much like level 10 armadillo. I still remember when I first came across this release - i thought, man, not another hardcoded-pseude-keygen ... then I saw "SeVeN/FFF". I was like "ahh shit here we go". Problem for Winrar is that their license is tied to archive signatures - if they change it they will break the signature mechanism.
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    i remember also the cracktro https://defacto2.net/f/b42719a and that core stole the release https://defacto2.net/f/b22ed7a
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    FFF - This name I have encountered so many times. A guy named Axis -FFF have keygenned/Patched dozens of App and great thing is that, If he patch, everything works well. Some of Great Protectors for HWID Lock (I wont mention name but all knows which is widely used for .NET, Delphi bla bla ) is done by Axis / FFF though many others cracked or modified Demo like PC-RET or many others but there Crack is not ok. Means If you protect your file, then anyone else without the project can create keys for your protection (All he need is to just use same algo. which can be easily understand using Demo Key) But only the Axis/FFF works always like an original.
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    I can't believe it all happened in 2009, a full decade ago. It does not feel like it was that far back... Ted.
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    Actually it was impossible to keygen, the algorithm depended on RSA but the big mistake was that the author used the keys from a public resource or something like that, i.e he copied the RSA parameters, I remember that a reverser named "SEVEN" found that and created the first keygen This is what I can remember, it could be inaccurate or badly recited by me.
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    I think this should do it... ffmpeg -y -i input.mp4 -vf "setpts=1.25*PTS" -r 30 output.mp4 Changing the -r value to match your needed framerate
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    You're overcomplicating things. You have video that has 300 frames. You need it to last 60 seconds. Necessary frame rate is 300/60=5 frames per second. Who would want to write a specific tool that does one division operation? Certainly not me.
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    Some free books can be had from Fusion Retro Books... The Story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels The Story of US Gold The History of Ocean Software The Story of the Oliver Twins The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels - VOLUME 1 The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels Ted.
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    sure u go with FastStone Capture
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    Starting from the smallest: IrfanView, XNView Classic, Paint.NET. Rotate works in all 3; Saving transparency info is slightly crappy in IrfanView, works perfectly in all others; Resize on mouse scroller - haven't seen in any editor ever. Works in all 3 by entering resize % (eg. 200%) or target dimensions;
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    Injector uses VB P-Code, you'll need to use VB decompiler or some P-Code disassembler for analysis. It's pretty funky code using shellcode, resolving APIs by hash and what not. Or you can simply put breakpoint on RtlDecompressBuffer and then dump decompressed payload from memory. It's an old shitty backdoor called XpertRAT. BTW, injector works just fine in my VMWare (32bit Win7).
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    https://medium.com/@lduck11007/a-crash-course-in-everything-cryptographic-50daa0fda482 Ted.
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