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    dirty redesign of a clear Rept-Logo (@ bottom of the Poster) that i've been rendered with "Cinema4D" by Maxon - ignore the slogan, i had a creative brainlag and its just to fill the "Poster" with any Text

    © tracer

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    You don't belive how easy it was. 3 Font layers a little bit aligned.
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    my new kgn banner

    © MiSSiNG iN ByTES (aka unisonArt)

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    This was the most extravagant, and time consuming graphic that I've done for SND to date. I hope everyone likes it. I welcome all comments.
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    A variation of Molten Black. Click it to see it full size! Let me know if you need it smaller
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    By Request, Inspired by another artist's work :biggrin: Click it to see it full size!
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    This is also my first try with dUP2 and photoshop. It is transparent and that black border is just my Desktop image
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    Nice combination, nothing more to say
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