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    Welcome back! A lot of people asked me after they've read my article about inserting a message box at program start of an exe file if it's possible/how to add a splash screen to a PE. Well, yes it is possible! You can inject (theoretically) everything you want to an exe file, it just depends of your reverse engineering skills! (of your time and of your perseverance. Actually I thought about doing this, so my first step was to think about what is necessary. So let's just think about all the steps.
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    Try to unpack or alternatively provide a serial.
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    DupSkins.rar contains fallowing dup skins: Ariana_Grande_Skin_v1 Ariana_Grande_Skin_v2 DooM_Skin Elsa_and_Tiana_Skin Female_Skin paradise_frieslve-dup2skin (Paradise-DUP2skin) All credits go to original author fRiESLVe: https://forum.tuts4you.com/profile/98062-frieslve/content/?type=downloads_file https://forum.tuts4you.com/files/file/1206-paradise-dup2-skin/
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    This article discusses the methods of software reverse engineering and the case study of FLEXlm system.
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