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  1. By seeing the number of imports on your screenshot and the ollydbg.exe in upper case i would guess you tried this on ollydbg v1.10, not on ollyv2 The description don't mention it here but that thing is for v2, if you look inside the readme of the archive, it says (in french) that the code has been rewrote for olly 2. So try with v2, or recompile the dll for v1. Also i'm checking the src and this can really be improved more. Especially for the v2 as if you rename ollydbg.exe to blabla.exe, then it will look for blabla.ini, but OllyPath2 will create only 'ollydbg.ini' as this string is in
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  2. Download works fine. MD5 checksum should look like this... Tuts_4_You_UnpackMe_Collection_(2016).rar : ebbc1fe726986f9d8f1e1ca1c3a08c67 Ted.
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  3. v1.1 Plugin menu not appear. after applied folder seting from also not working after restart. it resets the path OllyDBG.ini.
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