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  1. pekill ASProtect 2.xx eng.pdfthis also contains a description of the aspro vm, and lists its static opcodes. edit: i also reuploaed my pep tutorial: https://forum.tuts4you.com/files/file/2155-private-exe-protector-v3-unpacking-by-deepzero/
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  2. You have to distinguish between unpacking and de-virtualization. For Unpacking you can mostly avoid full devirtualization, in fact it's common to dump and append the full VM to the unpacked file to easier circumvent antidump and other protections. This is done e.g. in some of the LCF-AT tutorials for Themida. With modern protectors you will also run into virtualization during api redirection, but here it's usually possible to trace execution and fish the wrapped API at specific locations ("press f9 16 times", etc.), thereby it's not necessary to fully defeat virtualization. All that is of
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