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  1. So you want to download some releases from snd? alright let's see at snd.webscene.ir, the distribution section menu contain a link pointing at hxtps://keygens.pro/ Super, looks like there a lot of cracks over here! and the site is virus free, right? So let's pick something, i don't know, maybe 7-Data.Card.Recovery.1.1.keygen-SND hxtps://keygens.pro/crack/729775/ lol @ description on the page, didn't know reagan was from snd and born in russia Anyway we got redirected on a download page after clicking 'Download only Keygen' button, we have to fill a captcha and agree
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  2. @underthevoidDid you try downloading from this thread, most of the links from this thread is working for me. vnekrilov's thread Rar file I am not an expert in unpacking, but u may try compile your own small executable files and protect it with various protection options one at a time and analyze/compare with that original, that way you can learn what is happening with each protection options.
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  3. another keygen template i've made today . this was actually a keychooser because translating some algos from delphi to assembly will take so much time and i'm kinda bit lazy to do that, maybe these days idk :E xm by Nemo . (lead samples edited by me for this keychooser) ( sorry for the double-post , my laptop is sometimes working a bit slow , but i am looking forward to get a powerful video-editing i7/i9 chassis ) KeygenTemp6.zip
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  4. Search for the keyword: vnekrilov He published a set of scripts and tutorial covering pretty much all features of Asprotect. Tutorial was machine-translated from Russian to English but it was sufficient for learning purposes.
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