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  3. I think this is the best windows offers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/winbase/nf-winbase-formatmessage
  4. iceberg

    Mobile flash tool written in .NET

    Thanks Tony, I'll study the whole project then I'll come back with some questions .
  5. Hi again, short another question about Error messages.So there are tons of it and I wanna know whether I can get the error / exception name by ID with any function without to create a own function.The exception I can read from context and now I wanna get the name of it. invoke GetExceptionName, 0xC0000005h, addr buffer = "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" ...something like that.I dont wanna write all exception names manually by myself etc.On my HDD I found few files called ntstatus.inc from Four-F which includes already very much exception error EQUs like this.. STATUS_HAND
  6. tonyweb

    Mobile flash tool written in .NET

    @iceberg Maybe he meant heimdall https://glassechidna.com.au/heimdall/ ... but it's coded in C++. @Mr cadow Probably I'm wrong, right? Regards, Tony
  7. iceberg

    Mobile flash tool written in .NET

    Hello Cadow , download link please ? Didn't find anything.
  8. Here's something similar: Selects the entire text if its' clicked at any position after the text ends Relevant code from Pelles C.: The main idea is to attach a window procedure to the edit control using SetWindowLongPtr. Within there handle WM_LBUTTONDOWN messages and check if the click is within the existing text or outside it. The code is not perfect but it works
  9. kao and Extreme Coders. Thank you so much for your help and advice. I will try it.
  10. Last week
  11. Hi, and what does it mean for me?Whats click event?I dont have something to enable in WinASM etc.Otherwise this method is also bad because you can't do any good selection if you need it.The best method is really that method the Everything tool does use by selecting all by clicking on outline of edit control.Would really like know how to make that happen.Maybe anyone of you coders could check that out how it works.Just look at the animation I did post above.It works pretty nice and look beautiful. Just a must have feature in my opinion.Just don't know how to make it. greetz
  12. I use Delphi and have done similar using the click event... procedure TtestFrm.EditBox1Click(Sender: TObject); begin EditBox1.SelectAll; end; procedure TtestFrm.EditBox2Click(Sender: TObject); begin EditBox2.SelectAll; end; Test.rar
  13. Hi, so if you did work already on something lke that from A-Z, did you also release anything yet?Or do you have anything else you can convert to MASM style (or making a static lib)?I think something like that must be already out there.In that case I could use it for my apps and dont need to care about that exception log stuff by myself anymore and could sleep much better you know. Seems to to be tricky to handle all manually and thats why I also was asking for anything else I could use in my Apps which is already working good like using that crashrpt thing but no idea how to use it
  14. was working on something similar in work, its tricky to say the least, esp as you havent handled guarded pages yet, which throw an exception on first touch, then remove the guarded page attribute, so 'touching' the memblock will reset the value, do the virtualquery, if it guarded, regard it as 'leave the fk alone', otherwise process like you do for page_readwrite and so on... you've only hit the tip of the iceberg and it gets pretty messy but the best advice i can give is to save the status of the page first, do what you need to, isbadreadptr etc, then set it back to what it was, which sounds
  15. whoknows

    whoknows News!

    Brave, the false sensation of privacy ebin.city/%7Ewerwolf/posts/brave-is-shit/
  16. Extreme Coders

    [HelpMe] pyArmor Obfuscated Malware

    Some observations about the sample: Python version used => 3.7.8 Pyarmor version => r40.14 Pyarmor mode => Super Mode The sample uses PyInstaller encryption with key "SvbQ0ZZC5HTuwipn". Pyc files inside the pyz directory can be decrypted by following the steps here (the first snippet which uses AES CFB mode) Other than main.pyc, the files of interest are (AutoRun, Browsers, ComMod, Config, FileManager, Flash, Installer, Rerun, SNS, Sandbox, Screenshot, Shell, StringEncode, WiFi, Zip) which can be found in the outpyz directory The sample doesn't us
  17. Hi its me again, I would like to show my exception log code and wanna know how to improve it or using other methods or anything else what could be better than using my stuff so far.Whole code I did included also with a example file to check.Just try it out and have a look into Exception.asm file.Not pretty good so I think but if you can make it better then its good for me and others too. At the end I just wanna have some exception log function code I can add into my app which should then really log all exceptions without exception. Thank you. greetz ExceptionLog.7z
  18. Mr cadow

    Mobile flash tool written in .NET

    the hemida is an open source that tool was converted to odin name
  19. First, you're mixing up line endings: DOS/Windows line endings are CR+LF (in decimal 13, 10) Linux/Unix line endings is LF (10) Macintosh line ending is CR (13) So, which ones do you have and which ones do you want? Second - fread()/fwrite() function works differently, depending on what flags you pass to fopen(). If you open file as text (default), fread/fwrite will change line endings. If you don't want your line endings to change, just open the file with "b" flag. Something like this: pFile = fopen("myfile.txt","wb"); fwrite(pFile, something....)
  20. Hi, just a question about AddVectoredExceptionHandler function.So before someone told me that this is the function I have to use to catch ANY exception if ANY does happen.Is that true or not?Just asking because my app didnt log a exception (as I told above) what makes me really wonder to think that AddVectoredExceptionHandler function maybe does not work for every cases of exception...or?Normaly I do use that function only once... invoke AddVectoredExceptionHandler,TRUE,offset HANDLER_LOG ....just pipe to my Handler Routine where I do just log all info without to handle the excepti
  21. Hi guys, I'am using those C functions above to read / write data to file and have that problem with the Macintosh CR (see notepate status bar).In normal case I write text fields like this... db "Some Info", 13,10 db "Here too", 13,10 db "Look not!",0 ....just 3 test lins with one line break between.Now if I do use the fwrite function with it then it does write the LBs in double LBs like this... db "Some Info", 13,10,13,10 db "Here too", 13,10,13,10 db "Look not!",0 ....and not in Unix style.How can I tell the function using Unix style instead of Macintosh? greetz
  22. This post explains the unpacking method quite well:

    Python Pyarmor + My Protector

    In my version of python i have ceval.h so the code is not the same, what can i do ?
  24. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ogkm15ep860njk0/21996.1.210529-1541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us.iso/file
  25. @LCF-AT as I know how much you enjoy change, this one is for you... Ted.
  26. Somebody has any suggestion for decompiling pyArmor Obfuscated code (main.pyc)? I have not experience in python decompiling. Someone attacked our entities with this malware and I want to study the actual malicious code. You can download this malware at ... https://app.any.run/tasks/0fea95f7-25cf-4b7a-b26b-f26ac4f1995d/ Malware Source: https://www.adobe-flash-player.cc/down/flash_installer.exe main.pyc
  27. Hi again, I did checkout this... https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/de/downloads/ ...download Community installer.Are you kidding me!?Tons of stuff I can choose to install and only the speech packet has already over 800 MB and choosing any language from there = 7 +/- GB!!!!!! Listen, I just want any exception stuff to add in my apps or anything like that.Why is it again so fornicationed up to find / add something.I can not be that stupid or!=?So if there is anyone who can really HELP me with that then please exlain it well to me for the last idiot on planet you know.Thank
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