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Reverser Tool V1.4

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Thought I'd start this as one or two others have done. Not sure how often I'll bother to write in here, but hopefully it will be reasonably regularly.

Been working on v1.4 of reverser tool today. A beta was released in March so I thought it was about time I got back to coding it.

Today I have overhauled the mini menu (next to the key box). The option to 'Read key in as hex' has been available for a while and I have meant to expand this this to cover the input and output for some time. I have now added the options to 'Read INPUT in as hex' and to 'Display OUTPUT as hex'. I think this is most useful for dealing with encryptions (such as blowfish) which dont always output alpha-numeric characters. It may also save you from an extra conversion depending on the input/output you want.

I think I'll also add in the option to 'Auto strip non hex chars from input'. At the moment an error is thrown if you enter something like "61 62 63 64" because of the spaces. An auto strip option would allow for "61 62 63 64", "61h 62h 63h 64h", "61,62,63,64", "%61%62%63%64" and any other variable.

Also need to refix the blowfish code. syk071c noticed and fixed and error, but it now stops short when decoding so I need to take a look at that. Also, in coding today I seem to have completely broken the colour schemes - not sure how that happened but ho hum, thats the fun of it I guess. Something else to fix :P

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What did you code it in? I did notice in delphi if you remove the .res in the project delphi will create a new one when loading the project but the transparent colour of background labels, buttons, groupbox ect... ect... will be gone, Thus needing to add them again, Good luck with you reverser tool It does look like a very usful tool, When my reversing skills improve and I need such a tool this will the number 1 choice for me :)

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Hey man,

its coded entirely in MASM. I fixed the 'skin' issue. Thanks for the suggestion, but it was something slightly different - there are no 'skins' as such, the dialogs are all Owner Drawn and I'd swapped a few resource numbers without making the same adjustments in the drawing code.

All fixed now. Just finalising by finishing off adding GOST, PANAMA and SNEFRU to the hash modifier, and then going to hunt down the blowfish issue. Hopefully a 1.4 release is on the horizon


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Teddy Rogers



Now there is a clue to a secret part in some of my unpackme's no one has solved yet... :D


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Hmmm, like what? A hashed message? Although that would require bruting which could take a while....

Any unpackmes in particular?

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