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Komodo PGMP Project Information

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So as many of you know, I have been working on a very neat project! It's open source, it runs on LINUX and Windows, it uses cryptography and it eventually will pack and protect files. I'm really proud of this project for a number of reasons. It's creative and unique, but more importantly I made the choice to share my code with the world. Once the code goes up on the project sites SourceForge and Google Code. People will be able to use the source in their projects, hopefully it will promote new ideas for cryptography and how we can implement cryptographic libraries into antivirus technology to improve methods of detection, and create actual methods of detecting cryptographic algorithms used in malicious code. If your interested in the project please join the group and show some support!

I'm looking for a graphic artist for help with the art on the wiki and art for the software. I also need someone who is good with documentation and instruction as well. If your interested please contact me on the forum. I will be sure to add your names to the GPL and list your name in the project contributor list.

I promised some updates here is the Visual C++ GUI for the Windows version

Current functionality for the front end (this is the dobrexor) just had to re-compile the crypto lib to support unicode and make some changes to the code. The Linux version is hopefully with a lot of work going to run in Qt. But for now here is a screen shot of the Win32 GUI. I just finished up the RSAKeyGen functions this evening. So As it stands the application is generating public and private keys supporting 1024, 2048 and 4096 bits. I'll be working on moving the code over to get the functions working for the file encryption and decryption.


What's the difference between Komodo PGMP and Dobrexor?

Komodo PGMP is the name for the visual front end of Dobrexor which was the original version developed as a console application.

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