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Komodo - DobReXor FE

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I have received a few questions regarding the usage and some requests for a GUI/FE. Now that most of the functions and data types are finished and working! I decided to devote some time to the interface. I have decided to add a plug-in feature for the Windows version, which will be useful for me and other coders. This idea was mainly in part due to the decrypting stub, some people may want to develop addons which they do not want to share their source so this is a happy medium for people who want to keep their work private. Komodo is being compiled and designed using CodeGear RAD Studio for MS Windows. The LINUX version will most likely be developed using Qt for application development, this may take a bit longer as I'm going in for a crash course on Qt, I don't think it will be too difficult. I have a book and there is plenty of help in the docs and free pizza.

Will Komodo/DobReXor support compression for exe files?

Yes, the Windows version will support compression (based on aPLib v0.44 compression library) and expect it to have some bugs as well. I need to speak with ap0x about anti-debugging before Komodo will support any tricks.

The string obfuscation is using a simple XOR which is then HexEncoded, hope to add one more extra layer of protection - That's a surprise. ;-)

DobReXor [console] should be out for testing soon, the FE will take a bit but be patient as the wait will be well worth it.


* Packing EXEs

* Encrypting, Signing, Decrypting, Verification,



* string to XOR to HexEncoder / HexDecoder to XOR to string.

Currently working on GUI and Plug-in manager.



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