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A little bit PNG Compression

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Ok, it was for me a little joy to create a few new avatars, you might seen them around.

Don't be sad if not, I think to build for them maybe a little avatar gallery.

Well, since imageshack or other imagehoster have they limitations its still important to think about the filesize.

I surely think on this many times for example in portable apps or template developing processes.

My personally max. limit of avatars is something around 10kb, its just a fine value and you can add things later

because its far away from 20kb (an avarate limit).

You might have tasted PNGOut, its also included in XnView, but I don't liked that it consumes so much RAM in Xtreme! Pro

and the resulting filesize wasn't what I originally dreamed of.

I just came across the developing forum of portableapps to these Command-line Tools

advpng.exe, pngcrush.exe and optipng.exe

They are all packed together at: http://renttopwn.com/png-tests/

Its not only perfect that you can run the compression process with no probs next to other things,

you get also better results.

Just try it you. You will favourite PNG more than GIF or JPEG from this days.

Or recompress your template. How small can you get it now??

Another great or almost related to its flexibility tool for recompression is http://psydk.org/PngOptimizer

If you ever had stuff like something from http://portableapps.com/ and know it can be smaller without any loss, try this out.

The tool can look in subfolders and recompress every TGA, GIF and PNG and work also with drag 'n drop.

Just the right thing!

Maybe the programmer adds the TIFF support soon. We'll see, we'll see.. ;)

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What about Photoshop ? How is compression there if I do Ctrl+S (Save for web or something) and choose PNG ?

I never know what to choose so I pick the default settings...

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