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Cryptocrack Unpacker [ap0x SDK]

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This is an unpacker for Cryptocrack's PE Protector 0.93 I've done with ap0x's Unpack SDK some time ago. It was supposed to be included with the new version as a VC++ example.

He doesnt seem to come round to release the new version anytime soon (that dude is busy :o ) so I thought I might as well upload it here.

It contains include files and libs to use the dlls with VC++ without having to link excplicitly (ie. GetProcAddress).

Keep in mind that you cant use the updater module since the dlls cant be replaced at runtime...

There might be some other stuff in there some of you might find interesting, the approach of getting imports and a stripped down PE-realigning function for dumps...

Put it to good use :">

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