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One More Time for fun...flash backs

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So in my adventures to track down the elusive Phrozencrew ( last 2yrs), its come to my attention that they all grown up.. Not in a bad way of course, but just done with

the scene...moved on....among other peeps from my love of 98...some great crackers of the day...just done.

.  So now in this day and age who is active anymore? I went to the almighty ICU website...gone..maybe im out of the loop but the page is gone...FFF..not sure, SnD..nope

efnet  is nearly closed..mostly bots ...what happen to ARTEAM..they had a bad ass e-magazine....C-YA ugh..Im lost. I tried to re-energize myself with OLLY, and like a bum i downloaded

crackerskit 2.0  (so fresh in the day) where are the new packages? I find myself even more lazier then trying to do my own thing with OLLY and find a All In One ( AIO)..


oh well I miss those days..im back trying to find it..let me know...Im out here looking to get connected again!!


Peace, Overkill^

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I guess Nitallica was the last "public" member around from PC, she occasionally visited the zor board up to like(a guess) 2005, that board is long gone though :(

Yes people move on, career and family is of course high priority :)

SnD is still around... after all, you are here :)

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Hey dude, I know you're probably like "who the fornication is this guy" but I just wanted to say that I am around and here to stay. I do research professionally and won't be going anywhere so if there's anything you'd ever like to work on or just wanna talk RE stuff, let me know. I appreciate everyone's contributions over the years, despite many of them no longer being around and I definitely appreciate Teddy and the few others who have kept this stuff running.

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