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Just another cracker!



I put this out here to be diffrent, give ya something else to read besides all the other cool crap out there!


*** Really wanted to delete this because it sounds weak,but i think its a insight to people who are not like you!! ...My personal msg for crackers or coders or scene people..you might be something or someone to somebody out there who is got Nothing..you might be an idol, a hero. Shit when cats were naming super heros I was the kid naming crackers and scene groups..0days cats. ((regardless what anyone thinks)) I just put it out there.


I hope your not out there and thinking to yourself " im just a freakin coder bro, or a cracker or R.E.... grow up, move on, get a life.. 'get a real life'. If i'm judged because Im a fan of this scene of these groups, these people and your doing this for fun then whats the point of having an alias? To gain respect from others like you? maybe.
- mAYBE IM LOST. No one will read this or maybe I will just be flamed...I'm just putting it like this cats, I'm into bodybuilding as a hobby, I work at a major retailer...and know a tiny bit about R.E. but I think what you do is cool as shit, and would love to have half the knowledge you guys have forgot...
thanks for your time...
your friend Overkill^

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so, what? ehm. okay. i was in here and outa-gain

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maybe this is the only life we have got :/

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Posted (edited)

I don't understand why you are so aggressive ... really!

Reversers have fun with what they do and discover day by day ... gaining knowledge is a GREAT sensation!
For most of them reversing is an hobby, like bodybuilding for you ;)

Some thanks and reputation are appreciated ... as far as you appreciate compliments for your body shape.

Btw, most of us use alias because is cool: one can be Lupin, Leonardo di Caprio, Freezer, Mazinger, TheKingOfTheMountain, and so forth ... in which way using real names would make any difference? :)


As kondosyah wrote, yeah, for some of us the real life is just a pain in the you-know-where ... so changing name and be someone else in the "scene" is a way to feel better and live better ... also in real life.

These are just my two cents



Edited by tonyweb
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For someone like us,there are not much choice :P

And this is the best choice which make us feel happy :o Atleast for a moment

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