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Phrozen crew member from 09". fan4life!

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One More Time for fun...flash backs

So in my adventures to track down the elusive Phrozencrew ( last 2yrs), its come to my attention that they all grown up.. Not in a bad way of course, but just done with the scene...moved on....among other peeps from my love of 98...some great crackers of the day...just done. .  So now in this day and age who is active anymore? I went to the almighty ICU website...gone..maybe im out of the loop but the page is gone...FFF..not sure, SnD..nope efnet  is nearly closed..mostly bots ...what happen to ARTEAM..they had a bad ass e-magazine....C-YA ugh..Im lost. I tried to re-energize myself with OLLY, and like a bum i downloaded crackerskit 2.0  (so fresh in the day) where are the new packages? I find myself even more lazier then trying to do my own thing with OLLY and find a All In One ( AIO)..   oh well I miss those days..im back trying to find it..let me know...Im out here looking to get connected again!!   Peace, Overkill^




Just another cracker!

I put this out here to be diffrent, give ya something else to read besides all the other cool crap out there!   *** Really wanted to delete this because it sounds weak,but i think its a insight to people who are not like you!! ...My personal msg for crackers or coders or scene people..you might be something or someone to somebody out there who is got Nothing..you might be an idol, a hero. Shit when cats were naming super heros I was the kid naming crackers and scene groups..0days cats. ((regardless what anyone thinks)) I just put it out there.   I hope your not out there and thinking to yourself " im just a freakin coder bro, or a cracker or R.E.... grow up, move on, get a life.. 'get a real life'. If i'm judged because Im a fan of this scene of these groups, these people and your doing this for fun then whats the point of having an alias? To gain respect from others like you? maybe.
- mAYBE IM LOST. No one will read this or maybe I will just be flamed...I'm just putting it like this cats, I'm into bodybuilding as a hobby, I work at a major retailer...and know a tiny bit about R.E. but I think what you do is cool as shit, and would love to have half the knowledge you guys have forgot...
thanks for your time...
your friend Overkill^